John grew up on a farm outside of Lyle. Upon completing his Bachelors degree at the University of Puget Sound he worked for Boeing as an industrial engineer. He spent 5 years with Boeing before deciding he wanted to move back to his home region.

In 1996 John moved back to The Dalles and started NetConnect, a new ISP in The Dalles. He later expanded NetConnect into two companies (NetConnect Internet and NetConnect Hardware). NetConnect Internet provided Internet via dial-up, Wireless, T1s, and Fiber. NetConnect Hardware provided network consulting services, computing hardware, and telephony solutions. He sold the Internet side of operations in 2010.

Additionally in 2003 John reached out to a friend (and competitor) Brian Adams owner of Sawtooth Technologies an ISP located in Stevenson Washington. Collectively they developed Aristo Networks LLC which was awarded the Technical Management contract for QLIFE (A city of The Dalles / Wasco County jointly owned fiber optic network). Aristo Networks LLC has maintained QLIFE’s Technical Management contract since 2003.

Through Aristo Networks LLC John provides technical expertise, project management, and additional contracting services for QLIFE and their customers. These customers include sectors of Government, Healthcare, Education, Telecommunications, Utilities, Corporate and local small businesses. On behalf of QLIFE John has implemented underlying fiber optic solutions that power much of the Gorge region. Additionally, through his consulting role with QLIFE John has been an active participant in QLIFE’s capital projects, budgeting, and community enhancement planning.

Additionally, on behalf of QLIFE John participates on the Wasco County Utilities Coordinating Council. He is currently fulfilling the role of Vice President for the council.

QLIFE is a utility not so different from NWCPUD. Both are local utilities that strive to bring value to their local communities. Neither entity is required to bring profits back to their shareholders as corporate entities are required. However, both entities are driven to operate with a fiscal competency such that they can continue to provide value back to their community.

John was appointed to the Tooley Water District board of directors in 2016. He was elected in 2017 and has held an elected board position ever since. John holds the role of treasurer on the board. As treasurer he has been responsible for developing budgets and managing finances. As a board member he has collectively (with the other board members) been responsible for fiscal responsibility and long term planing of Tooley Water District.

John is on the Port of The Dalles budget committee. This year he fulfilled the role of president.

John understands the differences in roles between board members and staff. He has experience with both roles which provides him a uniquely broad perspective.